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Mystery Of Life

skellig down a hole

Hey All
we are about to update our dear old website this week hopefully. If a million posts get put on Facebook because all our sites are joined I apologise! If nothing else I am a technological nightmare in human form lol! However I have enlisted some professional help in the form of Paul Mycroft of PMD / Market2all, so I am hopeful that it will all come out in the giant wash!! There are many 'mysteries of life' ..... The delights of Facebook, Instagram, the inner workings of the internet and all IT folk, are among some of those mysteries to me, a poor humble xray technician/ musician, who works in the dark for most of the day........BUT I am hopeful we will overcome!
So much history on this old site. Ahhhhh many years of Skellig. A new era I feel is around the corner.
Anyway my friends this is Lisa, over and out, onwards and upwards, to infinity and beyond!
ha ha. The photo by Sean Sherstone looks like Skellig going into infinity no?!.......


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