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CHLY 101.7fm Interview March 28, 2010


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Skellog March 2010



Photos: Skellig 2nd UK Lineup ~ 1996


More classic Skellig photos from the UK circa 1996

Photos: Original Skellig lineup - 1994!

Smell The Love005

Lisa has come across a folder of old, old Skellig photos ... here's the first set of the original Skellig lineup circa 1994


Here's a slideshow of a phtoshoot we did last year with Jim McCauley ...

Celebration of Light Event


Hey you lot! Well......its' getting close to that time again when Santa Claus is coming to town........This year Skellig and a load of friends are hosting the 'Celebration of light Event' in downtown Ladysmith, 18th Dec at the Eagles hall, to raise some spondoolies for the Christmas Cheer Fund, that provides hampers to folks who would have none around this area.




*         ____      _    _     _____     __          __          __       ____         *

*       |   ___|    |   | /   |    |   ___|    |    |         |    |        |    |     /   ___|        *

*       |___   |    |       /      |   __|_    |    |__    |    |__    |    |    |   |__  \        *

*       |____ |    |_| \ _\    |____ |    |____|   |____|   |__|    \____ /        *

*                                                                                                                  *


hey man

polar bears

Chris Mike and Steve lettin it all hang out after a night giggin!

Big Hairy Bears

Hello...........well I am just watchin a film called 'The Edge" with Anthony Hopkins and its brilliant.Unfortunately someone just got eaten by a grizzlie.........well it is Canada! Actually I remember writing a pros and cons list before we emmigrated here and Grizzlies were top of both lists.Wouldn't like to meet one in the wild, but glad they r there anyway...........bit like a pair of Steve's underpants after a long hiking trip or a hot sweaty gig............enough said.

Summer 09

da boyz on Protection Island

This has been such a great summer for me and for Skellig.  Gigs most weekends, meeting many grateful listeners and gifted fellow musicians.  Thanks to organizers of events like the 25th Anniversary Islands Folk Fest, Ladysmith Days and Live Rust at the Saltair Pub - and to venues like the Dinghy Dock Pub and the Dancing Bean Cafe. 

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